transactional services

transactional services

transactional services


Whether a client is looking to sell its enterprise, acquire another company or grow through an infusion of additional capital, we work closely with it to define its goals and execute a successful closing.

buy-side advisory

We work with our clients to help them analyze whether and how to grow by acquisition and to create a focused acquisition strategy that directly ties to their business objectives.  This allows them to quickly assess whether potential targets make sense and under what terms.

We work with our clients to:

  • Target Criteria:  Create the right criteria for acquisition targets.
  • Evaluating Targets:  Identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets including potential synergies as well as risks.
  • Valuation:  Assess valuation and determine the best capital structure for a deal.
  • Bidding Strategy:  Develop a bidding strategy and work with our clients to negotiate the best possible terms.
  • Closing:  Project manage both the due diligence and legal process to ensure an efficient and timely closing.

sell-side advisory

There are numerous factors which can impact both how attractive a business is to potential acquirers as well the ultimate purchase price paid.  We understand these factors and the importance that each plays in finding the right buyer and the right deal.

Whether our client is selling an entire business or a single division, we work with it to:

  • Value Drivers:  Identify the key value drivers of their business and recommend strategic alternatives to outright sale, including bringing in a “capital partner”.
  • Market Analysis:  Analyze the market to identify strategic buyers and form a view on the right market timing.
  • Offering Materials:  Prepare a customized offering memorandum and all supporting sales materials including management presentations.
  • Due Diligence:  Coordinate and manage site visits and due diligence to minimize disruption to the management team and operation of the business.
  • Assessing Buyers:  Assess buyers and offers not just on price but also on ability to close, reputation and plans for the business.
  • Closing:  Negotiate and drive the transaction to a successful close.

Capital Raising

As experienced investors ourselves, we know the issues that are important to investors.  We feel strongly that each of our clients and its team is unique and that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to raising capital. Whether our client’s capital need is for corporate growth or a new facility, NewDelta works with it to get deals closed with the right capital partners.

Our end-to-end services ensure that our clients are in the best possible position to achieve their capital raising objectives, including:

  • Business Analysis:  Conduct a detailed business analysis so that we can accurately portray the client to potential investors.
  • Capital Requirements:  Analyze capital requirements based on financial forecasts and short, medium and long term capital strategies.
  • Investor Materials:  Assist in the preparation of all investor materials and help clients hone their investor pitch.
  • Introduction to Capital Sources:  Introduce the client to the right investors including family offices, financial institutions and strategic investors.
  • Structuring/Negotiating Terms:  Develop the right equity/debt structure, assess the pros and cons of competing offers and negotiate a term sheet.
  • Closing:  Work with all parties, and their legal teams to effect an efficient closing.