Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services


Every company faces turning points and challenges along its path – from early stage development to maturity to a future sale of its enterprise.  Whether its problem solving or growth planning, we help our clients think through the issues and find the solutions required to get to the next level along their growth trajectory.  The plan that we develop together will be both specific and achievable.

Go to Market Strategies

Getting a new product, service or technology into the marketplace in an effective way is critical to its success.  The right go to market strategy should address market-facing aspects such as customer awareness, branding and pricing but also operational matters like having the right sales and marketing infrastructure to support this strategy.

We take a top-down, bottom-up approach on go to market strategies ensuring that they are both aligned with the overall strategy of the business but also operationally and commercially achievable.


Developing the right expansion strategy can be challenging but important to a company’s growth objectives.  We help ensure that our client’s expansion/rollout  goes according to plan by getting involved from the planning stage through to implementation.  Our efforts on behalf of our clients include:

  • Analyzing growth opportunities to ensure that they will add incremental shareholder value, are sustainable over the long term and are synergistic with the rest of the business.
  • Assessing whether to expand organically or by acquisition.
  • If expanding organically, developing a focused expansion plan that takes into account financial, commercial and organizational issues.
  • Assisting with the full implementation of the plan.


When a business faces difficult times, it can be valuable to bring in an independent perspective.  Whether through corporate restructuring or product repositioning, we work with our clients to develop and implement a viable plan to move forward and grow.

We begin with a thorough review of the business, examining its core strengths and weaknesses both from a market and an organizational perspective.  We then help develop and implement a comprehensive plan that may include financial restructuring, operational reorganization and/or commercial repositioning.

Exit Preparation and Planning

Too frequently, the decision to sell a business is made shortly before the sales process begins.  Many businesses go from running day-to-day operations straight into a sale process without taking enough time to position the business for sale and attract the best possible price.

Maximum value is derived when business owners understand, well ahead of time, what the key drivers are that make their business attractive to potential acquirers.  This awareness allows them to make strategic decisions today that may have a dramatic impact on company value at the time of sale.

We work closely with our clients to develop a clear understanding of how value will be perceived by potential buyers.  Our analysis covers both value enhancers and detractors. We tie this into the exit objectives for the business and put together a comprehensive plan today to transition the business in a way that will make it more attractive on exit.

Brand Advisory Services

NewDelta provides advisory services that help companies maximize the equity value of their brands.Employing our partners world-class experience with major brands such as Gillette, Ocean Spray and Panera, we design a unique strategic roadmap for success that addresses individual brand buildingneeds on both a long and near term basis.

At the outset, we conduct an in-depth assessment in order to identify the “investment grade” areas worthy of marketing resources that will deliver the highest return on investment. We then closely review existing product positioning statements or create new ones to establish a consistent brand communication strategy directly aligned with how the company wants consumers to think about its brands, competitive considerations and pricing. Our process culminates in a tailored Action Plan that insures that the client’s brand delivers, in a cost efficient manner, the right message to the right consumer, at the right time.