Case Studies

Case Studies

Wave House – Growth through a Venue Rollout Strategy

Originally conceived and developed by devoted surfers, and grown by an experienced management team, Wave House is a restaurant/entertainment concept based on the “surf experience”.  At the core is its proprietary simulated wave technology which allows boarders to experience true wave surfing on land through the patented FlowRider and FlowBarrel.   With over 120 installations in amusement parks, cruise ships and other entertainment venues, Wave House made the decision to open restaurant/entertainment venues providing a restaurant experience centered on a FlowBarrel producing a 12 ft surfable wave.  The format was highly successful and Wave House venues opened in San Diego, Chile, Singapore and South Africa.

Wave House engaged NewDelta to develop a focused rollout strategy that would both attract potential investors and build value in the company. We worked hand-in-hand with management to create a 5-year expansion plan focused on 3 major US geographic clusters using 2 different venue types.  This plan is currently being implemented.

Blount – Growth by Acquisition

Blount Fine Foods is a custom foods company creating refrigerated and frozen gourmet soups, sauces, dips and spreads for food service and retail.   Blount’s gourmet soups and specialty foods are made with the finest and freshest ingredients, handcrafted by a dedicated team through unparalleled customer collaboration.   The Blount family has been in the food business since 1880 consistently providing its customers with high quality products.

While Blount has an exceptional track record of successfully introducing new food products into the market for growth, the Blount Board decided to pursue an acquisition strategy to accelerate the pace of expansion.  NewDelta was engaged to help Blount devise and implement a focused acquisition strategy rooted in the core objectives of the business. With a clearly defined set of criteria we were able to identify a list of targeted potential acquisitions and to open meaningful discussions with a large number of these.  During 2011 we successfully closed two acquisitions on behalf of Blount, Neco Foods and Cape Cod Chowder.

BCL – Growth with Capital and a Joint Venture Partner

BCL Premier Sports is a “destination” amateur multi-sports complex.  The facilities will include soccer, lacrosse, basketball and baseball and will provide a highly upscale experience with food, retail and other amenities directed at parents.  The first facility was proposed for Bellingham, MA.

NewDelta was engaged by BCL to raise $17m of equity required to open their first facility and to develop a rollout plan for up to 17 facilities across the US over 6 years. Seeing the benefit of bringing in a big name strategic partner/investor who would add cache to the concept and assist in the rollout, NewDelta introduced BCL to New Balance who became their cornerstone investor.

MooBella – Identifying Growth Opportunities

MooBella has developed a patented technology that allows consumers to make fresh hard scoop ice cream on the spot within 40 seconds.  Their revolutionary ice cream machine allows consumers to make 96 varieties of ice cream – choosing between 12 different flavors, 3 mix-ins and both premium and light base mix.  The product is made with 100% all natural dairy and is consistently rated as “as good as” or “better than” premium ice creams.

With over 40 machines in operation and a new model coming on line soon, MooBella engaged NewDelta to help them develop a channel strategy for expansion. Working with our strategic partners, we were able to access and carry out a series of interviews with C-level executives in a range of different food service channels to help MooBella determine where, why  and how they were most likely to be both attractive and successful.  We coupled this with site visits and in-depth interviews at their current installations to validate success enhancers and detractors.  The result is a focused channel strategy that will allow MooBella to achieve its next stage of growth.

Want’ems – Preparing for Growth with a New Concept

Want’ems originated from the notion that while there are many Asian food products and numerous popular Asian restaurants in the United States, there are relatively few Asian-based snack foods that have become popular within the mainstream American food channels.  As inspiration for its products, Want’ems used an experience that many individuals have had while eating at Chinese restaurants: the dipping of fried wonton strips into duck sauce. Want’ems has re-contextualized that experience and developed a whole line of Asian inspired wonton chips and Asian Fusion dips.

Before launching, Want’ems engaged NewDelta to analyze the brand positioning and design a complete go-to-market strategy for the company. NewDelta first assisted Want’ems in strengthening its brand identity to better align with its target consumer, including packaging design.  NewDelta then developed a test-market strategy for Want’ems, which was designed to thoughtfully introduce its products to the market, so that it could assess demand and learn more about its consumers, before rolling-out the brand on a larger scale.  NewDelta developed pricing/promotion strategies for Want’ems and made introductions to distributors and numerous retailers in various channels.  Want’ems is now well-positioned to initiate their test-market in the second quarter of 2011.